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Mar. 23rd, 2008 @ 11:22 am Farewell, Hunter.
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I just found out this morning through the wonders of Facebook (behold the sarcasm) that one of my childhood friends died a couple of months ago under "suspicious circumstances." Apparently, no official cause of death has been declared and several people are being investigated as possible suspects.

But what's amazing me is how hard this is actually hitting me. I hadn't seen Hunter in almost 10 years. But most of my childhood memories are from the small town we grew up in together and he and I were in all the same classes for years. His mom even taught us for grade 4. 
Whenever I've met up with any of the other ex-Rainbow Lake kids, Hunter would always come up in conversation eventually, "Oh, remember when...?" and such as we laughed about how he didn't walk his dog, but would hook Fang up to a sled or his roller-blades and go for a ride. All the hours spent on playgrounds, tagging along to our parent's softball or curling games and finding ways to amuse ourselves, proving that it is indeed possible to toboggan under that fence at the park by our houses...

I cannot believe just how shaken up I am. And I can't seem to stop sniffling. I'm not entirely sure if it's Hunter that I'm mourning, or the death of my childhood, or maybe it's a bit of both.

Oh, and Happy Easter, everyone. 
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