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Jan. 13th, 2006 @ 11:16 pm Must...not...kill
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I am beyond livid right now...

Back in November, we arranged for Home Care to come in every weekday afternoon to help my grandma. Just to give her lunch (which is pre-made and waiting in the fridge to be microwaved, or just unwrapped), give her the lunch-time medications she's one, and a bath twice a week.
There was a slight issue the first visit with the HC worker giving Grandma both her lunch and supper pills at once. Ok, fine, no really big deal and it was taken care of.

Yesterday, NO ONE freaking showed up!

No one to feed her, get her pills, and it was her shower day. HC was supposed to show up around 11AM. At 1:30PM, still no sign of them. She would have called my dad, she had the # memorized and we keep a phone by her chair, but he was out of town and my phone is turned off while I'm in school. So Grandma got her own food and pills (which, honestly, amazed the hell out of me, since she can't really even SEE the food on her plate. Even she admits that she never wants to have to try to do that again.

I could have happily committed homicide when I got home and found out. I mean, Grandma was OK, but what if her sugar levels were way off and she needed insulin? Or if she'd been someone else who NEEDS heart medications or something at certain times? We called the head of Home Care, and I think she was just as mad as my family. I hope someone gets their ass dragged over the coals for this one...
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